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Consistency is the key

We help you acquire the premium position in the market by providing a wide array of competent and business-friendly IT solutions. At GBlink we believe in constant evolution, fair business practices, and uncompromised performance. We offer you a wholesome bouquet of world-class IT services that are developed by experts and tested rigorously for real-life competency.

Network & Security Consultancy

A key differentiator of Crystal Networks Holding lies in its adoption of a system integration approach whereby customers can benefit from our consultants' extensive experience in designing, building and enriching networking and security designs and solutions.


Network and Application Performance Analysis

Crystal Networks Holding helps its customers reach their applications' optimal performance throughout the entire application lifecycle.

Managed Services & IT Outsourcing

Managed Services and IT outsourcing is a strategic method commonly used for operational enhancement and cost cutting.


Software Driven Infrastructure

Software Defined Networking (SDN) enables organizations to accelerate application deployment and delivery through policy-enabled workflow automation, which tremendously reduces IT costs.

Cisco-Powered Services

Among the services offered, Crystal Networks offers various Cisco Cloud and Managed Services, including Cisco Webex and Meraki as well as reselling Cisco-Powered Services for Telepresence As A Service (TPAAS).

Cloud Services

With the focus on increased agility to do the business, shared services for networks, servers and storage becomes an imperative need, and when it is delivered with flexibility, customers are delighted .

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