Physical Security

Physical Security

Neglecting physical security weakens your network security, makes your applications attack-prone and exposes your critical data loaded hardware to malicious elements. GBlink works closely with you to plan, build and implement strategic physical security solutions based on solid foundation and backed by failsafe logic

Physical Security Solutions include

HP/IP Video Surveillance
Technology Enabled Access Control
Automated Intrusion Detection
Identity Recognition Solutions
Bespoke Security Management System

Benefits of our Physical Security
Best security sans accessibility issues
Multi-level protections
World class Detection and preventive measures
Unique Features

Benefits of Network Infrastructure Solutions

Reduced infrastructure
Next age scalability and competency
Reduced Capital and Operational Expenditure
Enhanced operational flexibility

Design & style should always work toward making you feel good.

We offer you an entire suite of physical security of your vital data to protect your business from escalating risks of multiple physical threats. Based on multifaceted analysis process we offer media enabled surveillance, real-time logs and access control, and solid alarming systems empower you with extensive surveillance and preventive measures to enjoy maximum security.

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Strict Privacy Measures

We work on strict privacy parameters to ensure that no unintended element should have any access to your vital data including our own staff! The failsafe security parameters are technically capable of keeping your data intact and untouched regardless of the present activity!

Multi-Factor Security

With the help of our multi-factor verification process, uncompromised security ecosystem and frequent security updates you can always enjoy multifaceted protection against the multitude of malicious elements.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record in IT capabilities and accomplishments that allow us to enjoy a privileged position of your preferred security partners.